Marco Rubio wants to defeat ISIS by arming ISIS and fighting its enemies

Marco Rubio has a plan for defeating ISIS.  Politico agrees it's brilliant and wants to share it with everyone.

First, Senator Rubio wants to stop admitting Syrian refugees into the United States:

First, I would protect the homeland by immediately stopping the flow of Syrian refugees into the United States—not because refugees fleeing conflict are unwelcome, but because it is currently impossible to verify their identities or intentions. I would also strengthen the Visa Waiver Program’s security screening to ensure individuals coming to our country are not a threat.

This is very good.  I am glad that Senator Rubio does not agree with Senator Rubio, who, just up to a few weeks ago, was convinced we could vet these refugees and let them into America.

Second, he says:

When I am president, what I will do to defeat ISIL is very simple: whatever it takes. 

That's tremendously insightful.  It reminds me of Hillary Clinton's policy, which is to defeat ISIS by defeating ISIS.

I would rescind limitations on overseas intelligence collection and restore the intelligence gathering authorities Congress drastically limited this year.

Rubio doesn't mention it here, but he wants to let the government spy on all Americans instead of targeting investigations to radical Muslims.  There's no reason for all of us to lose our civil liberties since we know that the enemy is a subset of one particular group.

As president, I would demand that Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government grant greater autonomy to Sunnis, and would provide direct military support to Sunnis and the Kurds if Baghdad fails to support them.

Guess who is currently supporting ISIS, lock, stock, and barrel: the Sunnis!  Rubio would arm them directly.

Cutting off oxygen to ISIL also requires defeating Assad in Syria. I would declare no-fly zones to ground Assad’s air force and coalition-controlled “safe zones” in the country to stop his military

If Assad is defeated, can you guess who will move in and take over his territory?  I'll give you a hint: the group's name begins with the letter "I."

Early in 2011, when a strain of isolationism seemed to be taking root in the Republican Party, I began to warn of the dangers of failing to lead on the growing challenge in Syria and Iraq. I predicted much of what has happened today.

Marco Rubio wants you to think he's brilliant.  But as a strong pro-amnesty voice, who has said nothing about securing our borders, he has worked to make us more vulnerable to groups like the Syrians caught trying to cross the border from Mexico.

Marco Rubio is not a brilliant foreign policy strategist.  He doesn't even recite his carefully memorized speeches particularly well.  When Politico starts publishing his press releases, you know you're reading the words of an establishment Republican.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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