Marco Rubio implies: If terrorists attack, Ted Cruz is to blame

Marco Rubio says that if there is a terrorist attack in America, it will be because of people who voted against NSA surveillance, and he has previously criticized Ted Cruz for voting against it.  So he seems to be saying that future terrorist attacks will be on Ted Cruz's head.  Additionally, one of his super-PACs is running an ad saying that Cruz voted to weaken our ability to fight terrorists. What exactly did Cruz vote for?  Cruz voted for a bill that stops the NSA from collecting all phone records from all Americans.  There is no reason for the government to keep details on all our phone records.  Remember the days when the government had to show "reasonable suspicion" and needed a warrant to get our private information?  Ever since the Bush administration, that has been ignored, and the government has been gathering data on all of us. It's been a tremendous invasion of privacy, and it has been totally unnecessary, since 99% of...(Read Full Post)