Liberal academia is reaping the just rewards of its labor

The events unfolding at universities across the country are the result of over thirty years of liberal academia’s indoctrination.  College campuses are fertile ground, replete with impressionable young minds that are filled with mush.  The so-called intellectuals running these institutions of higher learning have spent decades inventing new terms and conducting bogus studies that claim to prove and define alleged oppressions.  Absurd terms such as white privilege, micro-aggression, safe space, and ableism (the list is not exhaustive) are used in day-to-day conversations among the students and faculty at America’s colleges and universities.

The problem that academia does not seem to discern when teaching students to look for oppression and discrimination around every corner and under every rock is that the real world does not care.  In fact, the real world is pretty tough.  Instead of preparing these young adults to survive once they leave the safety bubble of the college campus, academia has committed a huge injustice in coddling them and teaching them that they are entitled to life in a world free from offense.  Now that these spoiled brats have been fully indoctrinated with a long list of words that seem to describe how individually oppressed they are, they have turned on the very people who told them that they are oppressed.  Many of the students probably did not know that they were oppressed and discriminated against until their instructors told them.  As a result of learning that they are indeed oppressed, colleges and universities across the country have been taken over by the young Frankensteins that they created.  These spoiled, entitled kids have made ridiculous demands of their schools’ leadership.  The following are a few of the student demands made by the Black Lives Matter group:

Claremont McKenna protesters demand that students be educated about micro-aggressions.

Occidental college protesters demanded that the police leave campus.

Towson University protesters demanded that white women in the Diversity Focus Forum stop speaking for black students.

Students at Brown demanded a day of remembrance for the school’s role in the slave trade.

University of Missouri protesters demanded (ex-) President Tim Wolfe acknowledge his white privilege in a press conference.

At Amherst, protesters demanded that President Carolyn Martin issue a written apology for a litany of sins and demanded that President Martin denounce some signs put up by “free speech” advocates and also threaten the students who did it with disciplinary action and mandatory “training for racial and cultural competency.”

Berkeley protesters demanded that a building be renamed for Assata Shakuron, a convicted terrorist fugitive on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list.

Guillford College protesters demanded forced apologies from everyone.

Eastern Michigan University protesters demanded black financial advisers.

At Emory, students demanded raises and promotions for black faculty.

At Johns Hopkins, students demanded a mandatory semester-long class in “cultural competency.”

Princeton protesters also demanded mandatory cultural competency training and a new, better understanding of free speech.

Purdue protesters demanded a mandatory “racial awareness.”

Santa Clara University protesters demanded mandatory, quarterly cultural events focused on “marginalized” students.

Yale protesters demanded financial aid consultants for illegal immigrant students.

University of Toronto protesters went all out and demanded a free education for “black and indigenous students.

UCLA protesters demanded an “Afro-house.”

How much actual studying is going on while these students are busy protesting and making absurd demands that have nothing to do with higher learning?  Will these students be prepared to enter the workplace?  More importantly, is America not doomed if these young people are our future?  The only thing that I have to say to the liberal academia running these institutions of indoctrination is congratulations on a job well done.

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