Keystone XL pipeline in limbo as company asks US to suspend review of the project

The company seeking to build the Keystone XL pipeline is asking the State Department to pause its permit approval process while it works out an alternate route through the state of Nebraska. The state had objected to the route because invoking eminent domain would have been necessary to build a portion of the pipeline.  The Hill: The request is almost certain to push the timeline for Keystone’s review past January 2017, when Obama’s term will be over and a new a president will take office. The request follows TransCanada’s move in September to change its method for seeking approval in Nebraska for a process that does not involve using eminent domain and would avoid lengthy and expensive state court battles. “We are asking State to pause its review of Keystone XL based on the fact that we have applied to the Nebraska Public Service Commission for approval of its preferred route in the state,” TransCanada President Russ Girling said in...(Read Full Post)