Israel helps France fight terrorists while EU encourages boycott of Israel

Did you wonder where the French learned to do the seven-hour commando raid on the Paris apartment where the Islamic terrorists holed up?  Answer: Israel.  The training was thanks to an American Jewish non-profit called JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, an actual conservative group of Jewish patriots.

JINSA has a Law Enforcement Exchange Program, LEEP, run by Steven Pomerantz, the former assistant director of the FBI.  They send high-level American law enforcement people to Israel to learn how to fight Islamic terrorists – think the chief of NYPD and the head of the Counter Terrorism Department of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  Police and sheriffs from around our country have changed their counter-terrorism strategy and tactics thanks to cutting-edge lessons they learned in Israel.  LEEP also brings Israeli counter-terror experts to America to train departments here. 

The raid in the Saint Denis suburb of Paris included some 100 commandos, 5,000 rounds of live fire, dozens of stun grenades, snipers and dogs[.] … The raid team also used a drone and sent two robots into the apartment in an attempt to locate the remaining terrorists. … Jean-Michel Fauvergue, commander of the RAID special police forces unit which carried out the raid, said many of the techniques used by his team were learned from Israeli counterterrorism forces.

Will France now pull back from the recent EU vote to promote an economic boycott of Israeli by European consumers?  Don’t count on it.