Illegals surging across border at record rate

Don't look now but while everyone is rightly concerned about Syrians crossing the border illegally, border patrol agents are saying that illegal aliens from Central America are pouring across the border at record rates.

It's the same sort of surge we saw in 2014 with unaccompanied children and border jumpers from Central America showing making up the bulk of illegals.

Washington Times:

The Southwest border has broken open in recent weeks, with non-Mexicans — and illegal immigrant children in particular — crossing at a record rate in October, according to Border Patrol statistics that suggest the administration’s victory lap earlier this year was premature.

Nearly 5,000 unaccompanied children were caught in October, and nearly 3,000 more had been caught in the first half of November — a record pace for those months — and it signals just how closely smuggling cartels and would-be illegal immigrants themselves are paying attention to lax enforcement in the U.S.

Worse yet, the increases are borderwide, with every one of the nine Southwest border sectors showing spikes in what the Border Patrol dubs OTMs, or “other than Mexicans.”

Those who track the issue said the surges show a breakdown in enforcement, and called it worrying at a time of heightened international danger.

“The greatest existential threat to this nation right now is this administration’s open-border policy. This is no longer about immigration, it’s about the president and DHS keeping open the corridors on the southern border that are accessible to anyone in the world,” said Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican who has raised concerns over national security risks at the border.

“We can defend our country against another country’s navy, a missile threat and even repel a conventional military invasion. But the president’s policy of allowing anyone into the nation as students or refugees presents a serious threat,” he said.

Some 25,000 illegal immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have been caught in the first seven weeks of the fiscal year, which began Oct. 1 — an increase of 58 percent. The number of Chinese, Brazilians, Indians and, strikingly, Cubans, has each surged by more than 100 percent, and the number from Pakistan, while small overall, has spiked from 6 at this point last year to 31 now — an increase of more than 400 percent.

All the efforts to discourage illegals from Central America to cross Mexico and hop the border into the US appear to have gone for naught. That's because illegals know that once they make it here, their chances of being deported are next to nothing. And with so many cities in the US with their hands outstretched to welcome them, why shouldn't they take a chance and risk their lives?

Another spectacular policy failure by Obama is once again going to put an unbearable strain on border resources to feed, clothe, and house the illegals until they can be set free. The government did not learn its lesson from 2014 which is why we're seeing a rerun in 2015.


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