Hungary shows the world how to secure a nation's border

Eastern Europe is leading the way to protect the continent against colonizers from Islamic lands. Hungary is in the forefront, having erected a fence that is patrolled around the clock by Hungarian police and military. There is also support along the border from Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia as these nations partner together to protect themselves.

In this video, the mayor of Assothalom (a rural town in Hungary situated along the southern border shared with Serbia) speaks about border security. And he does not mince his words. He acknowledges that all of Europe must be protected and defended or everyone will perish.


In his campaign to convince other European nations to follow Hungary’s example, he is inviting Europeans to Assothalom on December 19th and 20th to discuss what his nation has implemented along its border, with plans to establish an international informational network.


(This is not the first time the mayor made a video to discuss this urgent matter. In September he made a video on border security, as well.)


Can Hungary and eastern Europe save the continent? Time will tell.

Hat tip: Breitbart