How many in the newsrooms are in denial about Obamacare?

By any objective measurement, Obamacare is a rather big failure.  We will still have people uninsured after the fifth year.  Enrollment is way down.  Premiums and deductibles are up.  Can you find an employer who likes it?

It is a mess, as Rich Lowry wrote:

Enrollment is falling short. The Obama administration projects that it will have roughly 10 million people on the state and federal exchanges by the end of next year, a staggering climb-down from prior expectations. The Congressional Budget Office had predicted that there would be roughly 20 million enrollees. If the administration is to be believed, enrollment will only increase about another million next year from its current 9 million and only sign up about a quarter of the eligible uninsured.

Premiums are rising. Not everywhere, but steeply in some states. Indiana is down 12 percent, but Minnesota is up 50 percent. Health care expert Robert Laszewski points out that it’s the insurers with the highest enrollment and therefore the best information about actual enrollees that have tended to request the biggest increases — a sign that they don’t like what they’re seeing in their data.

People are voting with their choices.  They are not signing up.  They'd rather pay a penalty.  The young are not reporting for duty and providing the cash flow to pay for the program.  People without subsidies avoid Obamacare like a plague.

Yes, some have signed up.  However, they are generally people on some kind of subsidy.  Frankly, we could have taken care of these people with tax credits or other programs.  There were already programs like Chips in Texas that provided very cheap health care for low-income families.

Did we have to disrupt our health care system to achieve so little success?  We didn't, but disrupt we did!

Remember the one about saving $2,500 per family?  Or keeping your insurance?  We will file those promises in the "he said" archives!  It is not working, and it will have to be revisited, even if Secretary Clinton wins the election.  The numbers just don't add up, no matter how many times I hear that we will raise taxes on the rich or improve it.

Yet the media just doesn't have the passion to cover this failure called Obamacare.  Maybe they're in denial or in shock or whatever.  The media is not doing its job by refusing to report that Obamacare is failing, and failing very badly!

Maybe people in the media should start by admitting that they were so eager to see President Obama succeed that they didn't do the kind of due diligence required of a massive project like this.  Or maybe we can hear some humility from liberals to the effect that the federal government cannot do everything, or the reason that they added the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.     

Yes, there are too many people in denial about Obamacare, especially in the newsrooms that voted overwhelmingly for "hope and change."

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