How do you keep track of hundreds of thousands of invaders? Apparently, you don't.

Anyone with a couple of brain cells could figure out the West is bringing about its demise by importing a mass of Muslims. And anyone with a shred of common sense could guess that the total number of invaders in “refugee” camps would begin to thin out just a bit. And by thin out I mean an ever-growing number of them have gone missing. As in thousands and thousands of them, and counting.

These disappearances don’t appear to be connected to kidnapping and human trafficking (though I would imagine that will also occur). Instead, some Muslim colonizers are intentionally walking off the camp grounds without a trace. Gone and unaccounted for. Soon they will show up in cities and villages across Europe. Atlas Shrugs reports (here and here):

In a terrible new twist to the invasion horror unfolding in Europe, the migrants are “disappearing.” More than one in two migrants from Camp Shelterschlefe have disappeared, run off. Nobody knows where to. “Such a high number of people hiding is ‘completely unacceptable.'” Where are they hiding? Could they be connecting with sleeper cells? Is it any wonder that Europeans are scrambling for guns?

Apparently the honor system in these camps isn’t working out too well. It seems quite a few “refugees” don’t bother to sign out when they leave the camp. And they don’t bother to come back. (Why they get to leave is another matter for another day.) Gee, who could have seen that coming?

And then there is mass incompetence and confusion as these conquerors sign in under false names, sign in using the same name at multiple camp sites, don’t sign in at all, and on and on.

Hard to have anticipated that, too, eh?

Of course all of this – and I mean all of it – could have been averted if Europe had retained a few of those brain cells I spoke of earlier. But apparently they’re in short supply across the pond.

And so they have willfully invited death into their home. And death it shall be.

We will meet the same fate if something is not done to stop this unprecedented madness.

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