Hillary likes Netanyahu - a sign of desperation?

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be visiting Washington, D.C. next week.  Presumably, when both he and President Barack Obama (D) get together on this trip, they will publicly make nice while dismissing reports of any rift between themselves and their respective countries.

But Hillary is worried because some American Jewish supporters of Israel, mostly devoted, staunch, and loyal Democrats, are beginning to question their devotion to a party that doesn't seem to appreciate their loyalty.  Obama's recent deal with Iran, which advocates claim will prevent Iran from advancing its nuclear weapons program but opponents believe will endanger Israel and eventually even the U.S., received over 90% Democratic support but very little Republican backing.  And these questioners are talking of withholding their money to support Clinton's campaign.  


And so, last Wednesday, an article under her name popped up in the very liberal Jewish Forward:

How I Would Reaffirm Unbreakable Bond With Israel — and Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington on November 9, is an opportunity to reaffirm the unbreakable bonds of friendship and unity between the people and governments of the United States and Israel.

The alliance between our two nations transcends politics. It is and should always be a commitment that unites us, not a wedge that divides us.

Ever since President Truman waited only 11 minutes to recognize the new nation of Israel in 1948, Americans have believed that Israel is more than a country — it’s a dream nurtured for generations and made real by men and women who refused to bow to the toughest odds.

Nostalgically recalling her first trip to Israel with her husband, she declared, "I have stood with Israel my entire career," listing her deeds and actions to support her claim.  However, she didn't mention how she followed the anti-Israel advice of her loyal supporter, Sidney Blumenthal, much of it on her now notorious private – and undoubtedly easily hackable – email server.  Nor does she mention how highly she thought of the suggestions of Blumenthal's rabidly anti Israel son, Max.  

Of course, she also ignored her role in the notorious Iran deal.

And then she trotted out her idea of "reaffirm[ing] the unbreakable bond with Israel" – the failed, and totally unworkable, formula of the past.

I am deeply committed to Israel’s future as a secure and democratic Jewish state, and just as convinced that the only way to guarantee that outcome is through diplomacy. And while no solution can be imposed from outside, I believe the United States has a responsibility to help bring Israelis and Palestinians to the table and to encourage the difficult but necessary decisions that will lead to peace. As president I will never stop working to advance the goal of two states for two peoples living in peace, security and dignity.

This is not reassuring for Israel.  Or even the Muslims.  As the cliché sums up, "been there, done that."  Her solution "as president" fits the popular definition of insanity: doing the same thing again and again but expecting a different result.  

Um, perhaps someone should remind her that after all her diplomacy in the Mideast, the area is now a slaughterhouse with no states for any peoples "living in peace, security and dignity."

Hillary Clinton, you must do better than that if you want to repair that bond.  And get that additional financial support.