George Soros and the Muslim invasion of Europe

George Soros has all sorts of ideas -- dictates, really -- for how Europe must sign up for its demise by importing hordes of Muslims. Soros outlines a six-point plan for civilizational demise in Project-Syndicate, as summarized below, with a bit of commentary in parentheses.

The EU must accept a million “asylum-seekers” every year for the “foreseeable future.” And the EU must pay 15,000 Euros (about $17,000) per invader for at least the first couple of years after they arrive. George strongly urges Europe to make sure these “asylum seekers” get to settle in whichever country and whichever region of that country that they prefer. (Well of course he does. But, hey, there’s an end in sight in George’s potentially infinite foreseeable future: when  Europe joins the Caliphate. At which point George’s scheme will need some re-tooling.)

The EU must partner with organizations in the private sector to help mobilize this effort by collaborating with non-profits, churches, and businesses. (Let’s make this happen! Why witness your demise when you can actively partake in it, eh George?)

The EU must also pour large sums of money into countries that have absorbed lots of “refugees,” including Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. And whatever the EU can’t cough up, the United States must fund. Sure. (Of course we must.)

The EU must start to build a single asylum program that would include EU only border guards. (Naturally Georgie-boy envisions everything being so much better, so much more improved, so much more efficient, because, you know, the larger the government agency, the more we move to one world order, the better. Utopia and all that. Wait until George and everyone else discovers that “utopia” in Arabic means Islam as far as the eye can see.)

The EU must also work with the United Nations to ensure there are safe routes for “asylum-seekers” to get to where they want to go. (Hey, what would a six-point plan for our destruction be without the UN in there somewhere?)

The EU must establish standard procedures for the treatment of “asylum-seekers” and “migrants.” (I think we can skip this bureaucratic exercise since Islam will pretty much standardize everything once it’s firmly rooted in place.)

Soros ties up his package with an urgent plea: Europe must do what he suggests in order to “put an end to the panic and the unnecessary human suffering.”

Of course Soros is talking about Muslims, not Europeans. Europeans we know will suffer. But in George Soros’s world, that, of course, is just fine. Better than fine. Intended.

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Hat tip: Refugee Resettlement Watch, Atlas Shrugs

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