Even Dana is bummed out!

Turkey may have done what ISIS hasn't in two years.  In other words, Turkey's decision to shoot down a Russian jet may very well drag the U.S. into a war.   

According to a paper from Stratfor, the situation could get ugly very quickly because the U.S. may find itself in a spat between Moscow and Ankara.

After all, Turkey is a NATO ally.  And we're in if they call out Article 5, or the one that calls on members to defend another under attack.

President Obama will have to respond somehow if Putin fights back.  Wonder how many Democrats will support joining a NATO operation...

Again, we are seeing the consequences of U.S. weakness, from the vacuum left in Iraq and not enforcing lines in Syria to allowing Russia back into the Middle East.  It's amazing how quickly the entire situation has collapsed without the U.S. leading the way.

We are also watching what happens when a U.S. president does not prepare the American people for events like these.  How many times has President Obama addressed the nation about national security?  I don't remember, but he has addressed climate change with regularity.  He is even on his way to Paris for a climate change meeting.

It's enough to even drive a liberal, Dana Milbank, to write: 

Then came President Oh-bummer.

“Syria has broken down,” he said. “And it is going to be a difficult, long, methodical process to bring back together various factions within Syria to maintain a Syrian state.”

Maybe you can motivate people when you sound so discouraging. But it’s hard.

Dana O'Bummer!  Where was Dana when the media put Mr. Obama on its shoulders and treated him like a messiah?   

What a bummer indeed.  It's harder and harder for bummed out liberals to carry President Oh-bummer's water!

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