Europeans are waking up. But is it too late?

As Europe is flooded with colonizers from Islamic countries, Europeans are waking up and rising up.  Whether this movement will grow large enough and have an impact on policy remains to be seen.  So far their voices are not being heeded, though the ballot box may prove to be a powerful tool.

Here is a sample of some of the demonstrations that have taken place.  The scale of many of them is massive and often reaches in the tens of thousands.  The largest and most widespread demonstrations have been in Germany, but Poles also seem to be waking up in large numbers and making their voices heard.

France: Rally in Calais (here) and occupation of the EU commissioner’s office (here).

Germany: Massive marches are unfolding across Germany, including Dresden (the march shown in the first video linked was so massive it took 20 minutes for the last person to pass by the camera) (here, here, here), Munich (here), Leipzig (here), Wuppertal (here), and Meissen (here).

Italy: Mass protest in Milan (here).

Poland: During a soccer game, Poles unfurled two enormous banners and lit bright flares as they chanted.  The images and words warned against the Islamic invasion of Europe and called for Poles to stand for national pride and in defense of Christianity (stunning video, here; translation here).  Poles have also marched en masse in Warsaw (here) and in Gdansk (here).

Turkey: Although not part of Europe, it’s worthy to note that secularists have also held protests in recent years against the Islamization of Turkey (here and here).

I hope and pray this movement will continue to build, but more importantly, that it will affect immigration policy.  But even if it does, it is possible that Europe’s demographic breakdown has already sealed its fate.  Time will tell.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs, The Right Scoop

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