Eco-green Sharia

Who would have thought that a group that has created so many terrorist “hot spots” would be so concerned with environmentalism?

Check out: Muslim Environment Watch and their goals:

“Environment, climate change, pollution etc. have occupied world wide attention, including the Arab and Muslim world, since the 1980s. Especially during the last twenty years, more and more environmental organizations have been established throughout the Arab and Muslim world and the awareness to environmental issues has increased.”

And lo and behold…

”The administrator and writer of this blog is Dr. Moshe Terdman, who has written on the subject of environmental security and who has conducted research and lectured on the subject of Islam and the environment and the environmental policy and projects in the Arab and Muslim world. “

 What’s in a name huh?

They have published a book:” The Environmental Problem, It’s Causes, and Islam’s Solution. Hizb ut-Tahrir”

Now, we do know that they have been active in “population control” but they go beyond with critical analysis of climate change. They explain Western guilt in despoiling the planet:

“The western world in which the western culture is prevalent has formed the ideological foundation and the intellectual framework that has dominated the industrial revolution and its achievements.This culture is materialistic and benefit-oriented, and its philosophy dictates that the Creator (the Glorified and Exalted) should be separated from the affairs of life, just as it calls for freedom, including freedom of property and personal freedom. It makes benefit the criterion for actions and believes that man’s happiness is achieved through the realization of his maximum share of sensual pleasures. This culture also considers the economic problem as being the scarcity of goods and services, makes the state a tool to protect the freedoms, and assigns man the right to legislate.”

They also fault capitalism:

“The solution to the global environmental problems and problems  concerning poverty and other global issues is to remove and discard the real reason, which has caused these problems, i.e. by a global rejection of the inhumane Capitalist doctrine, which still controls the destinies of nations, and by looking for an alternative that ensures mankind’s happiness and tranquility.”

“Moreover, there is no room for morality in regards to the economic transactions of Capitalism, since it is an economy that only aims at realizing material values, and which considers the increase of wealth for the individual as the key to success, regardless of the consequences to the society andnature. The founder of capitalism, Adam Smith, expressed this when he stated that greed is the individual’s moral, and thismoral controls the economy.”

The infidel West  just cannot solve these problems:

The globalization of the climate and environmental problem implies that the solution to the problem must be global. This shows that the western Capitalist countries are not serious about the solution, because they are the ones that possess the solution to this problem and not other countries. So why do they invite the whole world in order to solve theproblem?! The agreements that have and will be concluded (the presented solutions at the COP 15), confirm that the western Capitalist states are not serious. Hence, these agreements and conventions are a tool in the hands of great powers to dominate smaller states. Islam forbids the Islamic State to submit to other countries or to accept their dominance.”

And the solution? Why Islam of course. You just can’t leave these vexing problems to infidels.

“The Islamic view of life is based on the absolute belief that man, life and the universe are created by a Creator, Allah (the Glorified and Exalted), and that Islam is the message which the Almighty Creator has sent down to mankind to bring it forth from darkness into light. In all matters of life and regarding solutions to all problems the Muslim refers to the Islamic doctrine from which a comprehensive system for life originates. This system organizes man’s needs, at anytime and anywhere and is not influenced by the surrounding environment, circumstances or individual interests.Additionally, the Islamic doctrine solves his problems in consideration of all spiritual, human, moral and materialvalues.

And this wisdom for tree huggers:

“When the Prophet (pbuh) sent his companions to Jihad he used to advise them with the following words:Go forth in the name of Allah…. and do not cut down any tree,except the trees which prevent you from fighting or constitute a barrier between you and the Polytheists”

And Green Sharia invokes countering environmental harm and combating pollution.

‘Regarding the destruction of the community life in a particular area, such as pollution of public land, rivers, lakes, meadows and forests, Islam does not allow the subjugation of the lives of people to individuals. On the contrary, Islam places public property under state supervision which ensures the safeguarding of people and prohibits harming them. The state is also obliged to remove harm from the community, such as forbidding factories to dispose their harmful waste products into rivers and oceans. Islam has defined the property and framed the type of ownership and the manner of acquisition, without interfering in the amount. This is in contrast to the quota solutions which the climate agreements have set, where limiting the amount is made as the basis of manufacturing.

Sounds like a plan. And furthermore:

“Additionally there are many the Quran and Sunnah that are related to details concerned with the preservation of the environment, which indicate that Islam is not confined to a general and wide treatment of thematter. On the contrary, Islam goes beyond that and deals with the details, so man is prevented in damaging and contaminating the environment.“

“None of you may urinate in stagnant(Bukhari and Muslim).“Avoid the three actions that bring people’s curses: defecating in water sources, on roads, and in the shade.”

So just one last question: How do they dispose of severed heads after they flaunt them on videos?


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