Donald Trump: 'There's So Much Love in the Room'

The big-time kibbitzer from Queens with the beautiful kids closed his rally last night at the Myrtle Beach convention center explaining why he has no fear speaking to tens of thousands of people: “There's so much love in the room.”

Trump shrugs, schmoozes and throws in a little WWF, getting the crowd to shake their fists at the CNN cameras. But it became clear why he is satisfied to write off Obama's stupendous disloyalty to America as mere stupidity. Trump is not interested in the darker motives of his opponents. What Trump is saying with a guileless grandiosity that only New Yorkers and heavy weight champions can pull off: “I'm the only guy around great enough to match your greatness.” He is addressing not merely patriotism, but love for America, and that love isn't strengthened by calibrating Obama's evil or assessing if the President is a Muslim. Though the left doesn't understand this, that love for the America is also not about racism. It is not merely a reaction to illegal aliens or ISIS or trade imbalances. The exceptional gratitude to be an American has always been there, in good times and bad. The Democrats can't respect the seven thousand people in the sweaty hall because they do not share that love for America.

Hillary Clinton seems to say that she detests Republicans as much as terrorists who behead and torture. That hatefulness towards political opponents is antithetical to the inspiration of the people at the Trump rally. It is hard to imagine many in that assemblage drawing any equivalency between Democrats and ISIS. They seemed to be Americans first and Republicans a distant second.

They are also the little Americans who wear the big boy pants. They grew up to bear arms, to maintain borders, to be honest about what is necessary for a nation to survive. This is why Trump can be militaristic and aggressive here without sounding like a demagogue.

Trump can't wait to outsmart America's bitter enemy: “I would offer Iran $150 billion to get the Christians back, and then oops, sorry no $150 billion after all.”



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