Dispute over serving wine leads to cancelation of dinner between French President Hollande and Iranian President Rouhani

There are some things the French refuse to surrender on.  One of them is the nearly sacred role of wine in fine dining.  Kellan Howell of the Washington Times reports:

French officials have reportedly canceled plans for a formal dinner with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Paris next week following a dispute over the menu. 

Mr. Rouhani was set to dine with French President François Hollande during a landmark trip to Europe, but the Iranian, according to France’s RTL radio, insisted on an alcohol-free meal with halal meat, according to traditional Islamic customs. 

I infer that Rouhani was unwilling to allow to be served and decline it.  Perhaps Hollande likewise refused to offer halal meat, though that is unclear.  Certainly, it should be possible for each man to observe his own dietary customs while dining together.  Instead:

The French reportedly counter-offered with a presumably alcohol-free breakfast, but the Iranians rejected the idea because it appeared too “cheap,” according to RTL. Mr. Rouhani and Mr. Hollande will now meet for a face-to-face chat sans refreshments Tuesday. 

Although this may seem trivial or petty, it is important that Westerners refuse to capitulate to the established pattern of Islamic supremacism, insisting that all compromise come from the infidels, as with, for instance, the refusal of Muslim cab drivers to transport dogs.  Or Muslim clerks to sell bacon.

Vive la France!

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