Climate Change Claims 129 in Paris

This past Friday, while Americans readied for the weekend, Parisians were under attack.  As of this writing, 129 innocent people were confirmed dead and hundreds more wounded.

As the reports began to come in, many suspected the worst: the biggest threat to humanity, climate change, had struck again.  This should be no surprise.  Leftist world leaders such as Obama, Kerry, Clinton, and Merkel, along with other global socialists, repeatedly told us, in Goebbels-like manner, that climate change is the biggest threat to our existence.  These elitists warned us that we could no longer continue to kick the can down the road, and that we must act to save the planet from this phenomenon that would destroy the world.

However, as reports poured in from Paris, these leaders were shocked that the death and destruction came from a different enemy – an actual enemy that could be envisioned and identified, and whose members have names and passports.  Yet despite the obvious, the world’s leftists could not bring themselves to name the perpetrators.  In Saturday’s Democratic debate, neither Clinton nor Sanders would properly identify the killers.  Worse yet, Mr. Sanders stated, “In fact, climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.”

Of course, perhaps leftist leaders, along with climate change congregations and media propagandists, are right about this whole climate change threat.  Perhaps, however, it is not the climate as measured by global temperature, but the climate as measured by global culture.  Cultural climate, a term often used in the description of organizations, measures climate through a set of norms, practices, behaviors, and attitudes.  And as we are witnessing, the current global climate is changing, in that common sense and national culture are being wiped out through political correctness, “tolerance,” and fear.  The fear, however, is not the fear of physical force against true world evil.  Rather, it is the fear of being labeled intolerant, xenophobic, islamophobic, racist, and bigoted (5 of Dennis Prager’s SIXHIRB classification).

Unfortunately, this fear, especially during a time of global preoccupation with political correctness, is a powerful one.  How powerful?  In the United States, innocent lives are lost every day, sometimes caused by accident, sometimes by cold-blooded murder.  Yet only the most horrific make it on the national news.  But look at what happens when someone, whether an elected official, a police officer, or a university administrator, is accused of racism.  The coverage is unending, as are the protests that spread across the country.  It is powerful drama that very few can withstand, and the fear of such accusations and attention is real.  It is much easier to fight climate change.  Climate change can’t fight back and call us names.

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