CBS pulled the plug on Dem Debate 7 minutes early

Was it a mercy killing? Television networks have been known to cancel a new series after broadcasting the pilot, but I have never heard of euthanizing one before the program is over. Yet, CBS, which scheduled the Democrat Presidential Debate to last until 11 PM, wrapped up the deadly boring, sometimes downright embarrassing Demapalooza 7 minutes early.

Nick Gass of Politico:

 The candidates began their closing statements with more than 10 minutes to go until the scheduled 11 p.m. conclusion, with Bernie Sanders finishing his at 9:52 p.m. local time. Moderator John Dickerson cut to a commercial break, returning with final thoughts from the panel and a teaser for the next debate on CBS for the Republicans on Feb. 13 in South Carolina.

Gass offers the excuse that maybe CBS wanted Iowa viewers to be able to catch the final minutes of the number 5-ranked Hawkeyes game against neighbor Minnesota (on another network!).  

Face it: the debate was scheduled on the lowest viewership night of the week for a reason. The Dems already have their candidate picked out, and the less attention to the sausage making, the better.

Hat tip: Instapundit