Carson beating Trump in two national polls; could he be the nominee?

Ben Carson is now beating Donald Trump not only in Iowa but in two national polls; in the latest WSJ/NBC poll, Carson is at 29% and Trump is at 23%, with Rubio and Cruz at 11% and 10%. The previous poll from CBS/NYT had Carson at 26% and Trump at 22%.

One poll can be ignored; two are harder to dismiss. I think audiences may be tiring of Trump. I think Trump has been very good on the issue of immigration. When he first came on the scene he was very strong and forceful on the topic. But where has he been in the past month or two? What exciting new proposals has he come out with? His tax plan hasn't seem to catch fire, perhaps because his rates were high (compared to Ted Cruz's 10% flat tax plan) and the fact that he would exclude many people from paying any taxes, giving them an incentive to vote for any tax and spend politician without consequence.

When you ask people what does Trump stand for, they immediately think the immigration issue. And not much else. It's an important issue, but Trump hasn't really made his mark on any other issue.

But I have a hard time believing that Ben Carson, if he is in the lead, will stay in the lead. He has absolutely no government experience, and, let's face it, 100% of all Presidential candidates in modern time have had it, including, yes, Eisenhower. Trump, at least, has executive experience. Ben Carson was a doctor. That leaves him totally unprepared to be president.

He seems too sedate to be a forceful world leader. Can you even imagine him taking on Hillary Clinton?

And then, of course, there are his liberal positions, like the time he said "If elected, I will then ask the American people what to do about amnesty", he calls gay marriage "settled", believes in more regulation of financial markets, and seems confused when asked about the minimum wage and the debt ceiling.

And yet he seems to be rising in the polls. But I don't think it will last. I believe it will come down to Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz, or perhaps Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz vs Marco Rubio. And yet Marco Rubio openly supports amnesty for "Dreamers"; he told Jorge Ramos that again on Monday. I still have trouble believing Rubio will be a major contender.

I know Donald Trump supporters only believe polls that show him ahead, so let me ask everyone else then: now that Carson is ahead in a number of polls, do you think Carson has a chance of being the nominee?

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