Carly says her tax plan is somewhere on YouTube

Chuck Todd – no great friend to conservatives, it should be pointed out – asked Carly Fiorina a fair question: why is Carly only one of two GOP candidates not to release a detailed tax plan, or a detailed economic plan of any kind?

Carly's answer?  That politicians don't release detailed tax plans (although this would surprise Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Ben Carson, who have already done so).  But then she contradicts herself by saying basically that anyone can write a plan, but they never get enacted.  She adds that anyone can go to her website and search for a video clip of someone asking for her tax plan and see the answer there.  When asked repeatedly, she says, "I have a plan.  I want a three-page tax code that lowers every rate and closes every loophole."  And what would those new rates be?

So I went to her website, and sure enough, Chuck Todd was right.  Unlike the other serious campaigns, there are no position papers of any kind on it.  Instead there is a search box to search her videos.  I searched for "tax plan" and came up with a bunch of results.  Several of them reiterated her desire to simplify the tax code, but none of them contained anything remotely specific enough to be called a plan.

I wonder if Carly thinks she could audition for a top executive job at HP with no specific plan of what she intended to do, instead telling directors to check out some general videos she had filmed.  She'd be shown the door.  But this is what she expects the American people to do.  It's demeaning to our intelligence.

Not only is Carly running a lightweight candidacy bereft of specifics, but many of the ideas she has espoused, like support for amnesty for illegal aliens, are liberal ones.

Economy: Carly supported the expensive cap-and-trade program promoted by John McCain.  She said very recently she still believes in imaginary global warming.  She has spoken out against efforts to defund Obamacare.  She supported the Wall Street bailouts and has said she wants more government intervention in the housing market.

Security: "A mere two weeks after the terrorist attack of 9/11, Fiorina gave a speech praising the early Islamic Caliphate as one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known. Radical Islamist social media has taken to using this speech as a recruitment tool."

Just because she is an "outsider" who has never held office does not make Carly conservative.  Her evasive response to such a simple question from Chuck Todd reveals that she isn't ready to be a serious candidate.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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