Can we hold non-profits legally liable for sponsoring jihadi immigrants?

I heard recently from a Wyoming state legislator who is a fan of AT and a true conservative and fighter.  Most of the Republicans in Wyoming's state government are quintessential RINOs – they know they would have no chance of election unless their name is on the Republican ticket, so everyone runs as a Republican.  In reality, the conservatives in the state legislature are an embattled few. 

Like all of us at AT, they are extremely concerned about the national security dangers posed by President Obama allowing in immigrants and refugees from jihadi countries. 

This is what I have been hearing from Wyoming (before the attempt to smear Trump on these issues):

Some of us legislators are thinking about a bill which would require Refugees and Asylees in Wyoming to register with local law enforcement (like sexual predator registration).  Penalties for failure to register TBD.  

Further, we would hold sponsoring agencies -Lutheran Family Services, Catholic Charities, etc. liable (criminally? financially?) for any Refugee's or Asylee's failure to register.

 Our bill would apply to any Refugee or Asylee regardless of national origin, gender, race, religion, etc., so it wouldn't be religious discrimination.

We often hear of the government losing track of immigrants, refugees and asylees.  This would fix that, at least for refugees and those granted asylum in this country.  This would add a level of security for Wyoming residents.  

I like the idea of holding NGOs such as Lutheran Family Services and Catholic Charities accountable for their charges, for whom they are vouching.

AT has been following the story of church and other non-profit groups working as crony partners for Obama's pro-jihadi policies.  We are talking about huge sums of taxpayer money being funneled to "charities' to spread immigrants, legal and illegal, throughout America.  The Baptist Child and Family Services and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have received approximately half a billion – yes, that is billion – dollars each.  Read here, here, and here, and follow refugeeresettlementwatch here.

The notion of putting Lutheran Family Services and Catholic Charities on notice that they would be legally liable for sponsoring terrorists is intriguing.  I would love to hear a legal opinion on this.