Brits say passenger jet dodged a missile in Egypt this year

A British passenger jet with 189 people aboard reported having to avoid a missile in the same area where the Russian plane went down last week.  The incident occurred earlier this year, according to the reports. The British government confirmed that the incident occurred but said it was probably connected to "routine exercises" carried out by the Egyptian military. Oh, really? CNN: A British passenger jet headed to the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh narrowly "dodged" a missile in August, the UK media reported following a Russian jet crash in the same area this week. The Thomson Airways jet with 189 people aboard took off from London and was headed to the Red Sea resort, according to The Guardian. It said the jet came within 1,000 feet of a missile in its trajectory August 23, and went on to land safely. The paper said passengers were kept in the dark about the incident. A UK government spokesman confirmed the media reports,...(Read Full Post)