#BlackonCampus to be joined by #BlackinShower and #BlackonExerciseBike

What would we do without Twitter?  Racists who want to stir up hatred and resentment against white people are busy thinking up new hashtags.  The latest is #BlackonCampus, where people post photos of all white boxes of crayons or all white eyes, bemoaning what it is like to live in a white society.  Too many white people!  That seems to be their main complaint.

But I think they can expand the theme with other hashtags.

#BlackinElevator.  When a black person is in an elevator with white people, the white people stare at the black person when he's not looking at them.  Always.  Even if they don't notice it.  And it's racism!

#BlackinSupermarket.  If you go to a supermarket, most of the food there is made by white people, and in many places, like Nebraska and Kansas, everyone who works in the supermarket is white, too.

#BlackwhileShowering.  When you take a shower, you may not realize it, but many of the people who work at the local water company are white.  It would not be surprising if they installed cameras in the showerheads of black people to spy on them.

#BlackinBed.  Ever notice how most sheets are white in color?  And black people have to lie in them!  It's a metaphor for repression and racism.

#BlackWhileHiking.  Ever go to a national park, and get the eerie feeling that everyone around you is white?  It's true!  Clearly, black people aren't welcome in national parks.

#BlackwhileCoding.  Ever notice how few black programmers there are in Silicon Valley?  The great liberals at Facebook, Google, and Microsoft must hate blacks.  What other reason could there be?

#BlackwhileWebBrowsing.  Ever notice how most web pages have white backgrounds?  Google is especially egregious about this.

#BlackonExerciseBike.  Ever notice if you're black on a stationary exercise bike, how often you're stopped by the police and asked for credentials?  It happens all the time, but only to blacks!

#BlackwhileEatingChocolate.  Ever notice how most chocolate is black?  Oh, wait, that's okay.

#BlackwhileRecycling.  Why is there a bin for "white paper" but the other bin is called "colored paper"?  Shouldn't it be "paper of color," or "diversity paper"?

It's reassuring to know that while many blacks are being shot and killed by other blacks, while they are stuck in terrible public schools, while some are addicted to welfare and other things, and while there are many fathers who are involved only for the first five minutes of life-making, so-called "leaders" of the black community are focusing on the truly important issues.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.

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