#BlackLivesMatter upset terror attacks in France stole their thunder

Apparently Mizzou protestors are upset about the Paris terror attacks. Why? Because it took away from media attention of their presumed plight. And so I present to you, a sampling of tweets some of these wretched souls sent out after the Paris terror attacks on Friday. Follow the link for scereen shots. Many of these tweets went viral and were subsequently deleted, but screen shots were saved.


Not taking away from Paris we love yall but we have terrorist in USA Called KKK #Mizzou gov got work to do..


It’s black kids trapped in their rooms in #Mizzou but y’all talking bout #PrayForParis fuck Paris #PrayForMizzou


Paris is all over my local new but i didn’t see shit about the KKK threatening #Mizzou??????


I do pray for Paris, but people need to start seeing what is going on in our own country. I BARELY saw anything about #Mizzou. Quite sad


Now people are desensitizing #BlackLivesMatter and #Mizzou for what’s happening in Paris, have you no common decency?


Don’t use the tragedy in Paris to try and undermine the awful things that are happening in #Mizzou. Both of these events are terrible.


We can remember the tragedy in Paris and still remember #Mizzou. We are capable of multitasking. Both situations are equally messed up.

No comment is needed. This speaks for itself.

Hat tip: The Right Scoop

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