Black Lies Natter at Mount Holyoke

The granddaughter of a friend of mine attends Mount Holyoke College. Nana has just given me an earful. Those in the know surmise Mount Holyoke has abandoned any pretense of educational standards enabling women to live useful lives, and devolved into a psychosexual playpen for lesbians from wealthy families and international students. This theory explains why the brownshirt bratocracy is running wild at Mount Holyoke College.

In January 2015, the girls gave the boot to a performance of The Vagina Monologues because it was insufficiently "transgender inclusive." By that standard there would never have been a play produced in human history.

On Wednesday 11/18/2015, about 200 students filled the balconies of the Mount Holyoke Kendade Science Center, chanting "black lives matter" and "no peace, no racist police." The de facto racist with the megaphone was Ellen Chilemba, a student from Malawi. Unfortunately, a few students so antiquated in their notions were in the Kendade Hall Science Center to actually study science. They were surrounded by dozens of rage muffins, as Miss Chilemba threatened them thusly: "We're going to have some students share stories and if your heart isn't with us to make a safe space leave now!"

Miss Ellen was offering her co-equals a choice: publicly admit they were racist or stay. In either case, forget studying and listen to infantilized pseudo-victims whine about nonexistent suffering. Perhaps unconsciously, the Black Lives Matter big mouths chose the science center out of jealousy because they lack the intelligence or discipline to study science. It is certain they lack the intelligence to understand they are not the only people in the world with rights.

Thinking of sending your money or your granddaughter to Mount Holyoke College? Talk to Nana first.

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