Ben Carson now leading in NC, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin

It's hard to say who's leading on the national level because some polls show Ben Carson ahead while others show Donald Trump ahead, with wide differentials between polls.  But on the state level, Ben Carson is beating Donald Trump in too many state polls to be ignored.  He is leading in North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and Iowa.  That's impressive.  It's well-known that he's doing well with religious conservatives in Iowa, but now it looks as though he has appeal throughout the South and other Midwestern states.

In North Carolina, Carson has a huge 31% base of support, while Trump has only 19%.  In Iowa he has a whopping fourteen-point lead over Trump according to one poll and leads of various sizes in other polls.  He is one point ahead in Texas, six points ahead in Oklahoma, and two points ahead in Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Carson is neck and neck with Trump, only 2% behind him in a recent poll.  In Pennsylvania he is only 1 point behind Trump.

It looks as if Trump is slowly losing voters to Carson.

What can Trump do to rebound?  He has tried casting doubt on Carson's religion.  He has tried having plenty of book signings.  In an interview recently he said he was going to replace Obamacare with "something much better."  Who wouldn't want to vote for someone who is going to institute a "something much better" health care system?  He also promises to "quickly and brutally cut the head off of ISIS."  I'm for cutting the head off ISIS.  Let the head-cutting begin!

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be enough for voters.  His tax plan has higher rates than other tax plans, like Ted Cruz's flat tax.

I'm not a big Ben Carson fan.  I don't think he has the experience to be an executive or the temperament to take on Hillary.  Trump might be able to at least do the latter.  So what can Trump do to improve his position in the polls?

1) Talk about the insanity of "transgenderism" – letting boys into girls' locker rooms.

2) Give more detail on his vague immigration plan of letting the "good ones" come back after they are deported.  How many "good ones" are there?  Millions?

3) Speak out about the need for voter ID to protect the integrity of the voting process.

4) Pledge to end birthright citizenship by executive order on the first day of his presidency.

5) Tell us what he would replace Obamacare with.  I suspect he himself does not know.

What else do you think he can do to help himself?

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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