Ben Carson meeting with Syrian learn their point of view

Ben Carson is going to Jordan to meet with Syrian refugees to learn their "perspective."  This after Carson freely agreed with the statement that people do not view him as ready to fight terrorism.

Mr. Carson acknowledged that his slippage in the Iowa polls, where he dropped 10 percentage points in a month in surveys by Quinnipiac University, was because voters did not see him as the right person for the Oval Office at a time of fear of terrorism.

“I would agree with that assessment,” he said.

What?  Is Carson saying he isn't ready to be president?  Astounding.  Then why he is going to Jordan?

“I want to hear some of their stories, I want to hear from some of the officials what their perspective is,” Mr. Carson said. “All of that is extraordinarily useful in terms of formulating an opinion of how to actually solve the problem.”

Like other Republican candidates, Mr. Carson has rejected accepting Syrian refugees “at this time” because of the threat that terrorists may infiltrate their ranks. President Obama wants to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year, insisting that vetting that takes up to two years is adequate.

“I’m not sure there are only two choices, that we bring these people in or be coldhearted,” Mr. Carson said. “I believe we can set up safe zones in Iraq and Syria.”

His itinerary at the refugee camp, run by the United Nations, called for visits to clinics, a hospital, an “adolescent-friendly space” and a women’s and girls’ center.

His advisers framed the Jordan trip as an effort to improve his knowledge of the refugee crisis, no less than to demonstrate his credibility on foreign policy.

This is not the way to do it.  Americans are not looking for a candidate to learn the "refugee perspective."  They are looking for a candidate who is going to protect us from massive imports of people from a hostile culture, some of whom will try to hurt us, and many others who have beliefs in direct conflict with the free and open society we have in America.

In a Breitbart interview, Carson elaborated:

 I actually want to see the conditions, I want to hear from them, where they came from, what would be for them the ideal kind of outcome, what do they think is keeping them from getting there? Who are their friends? Who are their enemies? And I want to hear from a bunch of people. That’s really how you form a solution as opposed to hearing from media outlets who are trying to distort it and be inaccurate.

It's little more than 60 days to Iowa, and Carson is still figuring out what to do about terrorism in the Middle East and ISIS.  All Carson needs to have done is read a newspaper for the past four years to learn:

1) There are no "moderate" opposition forces.

2) Whenever we give weapons to "moderate" opposition forces, it winds up in the hands of ISIS or al-Qaeda.  Carson asks who their friends are – too many of their "friends" are radical islamists.

3) Many of the people in the camps are military-age men, and yet they are not fighting for their homeland.  They want to come to America.  What does that tell us?

If Carson believes that talking to Syrian refugees will make him look smart to the Republican primary voters, he is very much out of touch.  To actually admit that he doesn't have a plan to take on terrorism shows, as Rush Limbaugh also recently said, that he really isn't ready to be president.

I think it's time to cross Dr. Carson off my list.  I think he would make a great cabinet member with a domestic portfolio, but not president, and definitely not in charge of foreign policy.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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