Arizona governor asserts legal right to refuse refugees

The jihadi attack in Paris may have come in time to save us from another Obama disaster: the radical transformation of our country into a nation with a significant Muslim population.  One and a half million Muslims have legally immigrated to America since 9/11.  Obama has increased this rate and plans on adding 100,000 “Syrian refugees” on top of those numbers, spread across America (see map).  We already have a Michigan town where Muslims are the majority.  Most American Muslims believe they should have the choice of sharia law

So far the refugees from Syria include only 53 Christians amid thousands of Muslims.  This is because Obama allows the Islamic-dominated U.N. refugee system to determine who gets into America.

We live in a republic where our elected representatives are supposed to reflect the will of the people, but on Moslem immigration, politicians utterly disregard what voters want. 

A recent Rasmussen survey asked: “How many refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries should the government allow to come here?” … The winner? Zero, at 49%. 20% said 10,000. How many support Obama’s determination to admit 100,000 Syrian refugees? Just about none. Only 7% support admitting 100,000 not just from Syria, but from all Middle Eastern countries.

Immigration is an issue where the federal government has treated the views of most Americans–almost all Americans, in fact–with contempt.

The Paris Islamist attack has given us an opening to fight the immediate danger of importing jihadis into America, but it will take sustained and courageous political action to change our immigration policy permanently.

In the aftermath of the Paris terror attack, 31 state governors have announced they want to temporarily halt the settlement of Syrian refugees in their states.  The media has been quick to assert that governors have no legal power to block Obama. 

Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona has issued a strong statement that asserts the legal right of states to be consulted under the U.S. Refugee Act, and calls on Obama to take their concerns and recommendations into account as required by law.  He also calls on Congress to pass legislation giving explicit authority to states regarding the placement of refugees.

Statement From Governor Doug Ducey

PHOENIX – “Given the horrifying events in Paris last week, I am calling for an immediate halt in the placement of any new refugees in Arizona. As governor, I am invoking our state’s right under 8 USC, Section 1522 (a), to receive immediate consultation by federal authorities per the United States Refugee Act, and that the federal government take into account the concerns and recommendations of the state of Arizona as they are required to under federal law, in our efforts to keep our homeland safe. I also call on Congress and the President to immediately amend federal law to provide states greater oversight and authority in the administration of the placement of refugees. These acts serve as a reminder that the world remains at war with radical Islamic terrorists. Our national leaders must react with the urgency and leadership that every American expects to protect our citizens.”

Until Donald Trump’s candidacy, the public had no one to represent our disgust with the governing elite’s decision to flood America with illegal immigrants.  Rubio and Cruz have stepped forward to question legal immigration as an equal problem.  Now we are finally hearing from most of the Republican candidates about the threat to America of jihadi-infested Muslim migration.  It is a small opening for the public will to be asserted – we want a permanent stop to large-scale Muslim immigration.

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