Why do we need a coalition to defend the US from ISIS?

Democrats are all about talking coalitions, even though I don't recall any coalitions that President Clinton or President Obama put together.  I mean real coalitions that put ground troops in the battle, as was the case with President GHW Bush in the Gulf War or President G.W. Bush in Iraq. In a perfect world, it'd be nice if we could go to war in concert with our allies.  Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world.  We live in a world where our allies have few military resources and cannot really sustain any kind of long undertaking.  Let's say that Canada and U.K. are the exceptions. ISIS is a threat to the U.S.  Yes, they are a threat to other places, but we are target #1.  They want to bring their terror to U.S. cities and kill us. Again, why do we need a coalition to defend the American people?   We need a president who invites our allies to the fight and then goes forward with a coalition of...(Read Full Post)