Houston’s lesbian mayor said of the citizens of Houston following the recent failure of the Orwellian HERO ordinance that the LGBT community is little understood.  She is absolutely right about that, but even without understanding her sexual preferences, those citizens elected her mayor for two terms.

Now apparently we cannot host a Super Bowl in this city because we do not want transgenders sharing public restrooms with our children.  Clearly, if we do not embrace their perverse practices, we are homophobic, and now Houston will lose untold tens of millions of dollars because we "just don’t understand." 

If only she could explain more clearly for us, we would be able to understand and move forward in a gender-neutral utopia where there can be no sexual perversions because we are all neutered...I mean neutral.

Only recently have I discovered how multi-phobic I am.  I had no idea that if I did not embrace an ideology I have a phobia.  If I am not sexually diverse, then I must be homophobic.  If I do not embrace Islam, I am suffering from Islamophobia.  I am not a great seafood fan, so I wonder if I am tunaphobic.  Surely shrimpophobia is a bad thing.  Crawdads taste fishy to me, so maybe I have crayfishphobia.  If exercisephobia is a thing, then probably I should see a psychiatrist.

Can you imagine the state of this world if we did not have Democrats to explain everything for us?  If only they could just explain things better and make us understand, then and only then would we all get along.  I hate it when values and principles get in the way of understanding and embracing diversity.  Now, because we are close-minded and refuse to understand, Houston is going to have to go through some terrible financial consequences.  I just hope we can all come together in the same bed so we can have the opportunity to host another Super Bowl.

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