Will President Obama still meet with 'clock kid' after his audience with Sudan war criminal?

President Obama will host Ahmed Mohamed, the high school kid from Texas who took a "homemade clock" to school only to have authorities demonstrate their "Islamophobia" by accusing the young man of constructing a hoax bomb.

After briefly being arrested, Mohamed was released as a firestorm erupted with accusations that the only reason anyone would construe a clock that looked like a bomb as a bomb is that they hate Muslims. Our very tolerant President Barack Obama invited Ahmed to the White House for "Astronomy Night" which will take place tomorrow.

But the president may want to reconsider his invite. Ahmed and his family recently took a trip to the Middle East that included a stop in Sudan - a country that Ahmed's father ran for president twice. While in Sudan, Ahmed had an audience with the current Sudanese president, Omar  al-Bashir. It so happens that Bashir - the "Butcher of Darfur" - is under indictment for war crimes, including genocide. 

Pretty cozy, huh?

Daily Caller:

Photographs of the three smiling, arms around one another, circulated the Internet. Disturbingly, al-Bashir is wanted for war crimes for allegedly ordering the genocide in Darfur that led to the deaths of at least 400,000 people during the last decade.

Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Hassan al-Sufi, has twice run for the presidency of Sudan.

Ahmed has been tweeting his trip to the Middle East, calling Sudan “home.”

Nice company you're keeping there, Barry. Why not award the young genocide supporter a Presidential Medal for...whatever. 

I predict that on Tuesday morning, the picture above will be all over the internet with a photo of Barack Obama embracing young Ahmed right next to it. Is the White House paying attention? It doesn't look like it.



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