We are all Slovenians now

The number of invaders we are on the verge of importing is equal to the population of any one of these cities: St. Petersburg, FL; Norfolk, VA; Winston-Salem, NC; Laredo, TX; or Irvine, CA.

Once the conquerors bring their family members (which can happen within a year of their arrival), the total number will likely swell to about 2,000,000, the current population of Houston, TX.

It can be hard to visually imagine the kinds of numbers involved here.  So I invite AT readers to view some short videos that depict scenes of this mass invasion, otherwise known as hijra.  The videos are recent footage of young Muslims males invading Slovenia like an army.  Slovenia is a small country sandwiched among Austria, Croatia, Italy, and Hungary.  It is a throughway for invaders en route to the next best thing to 72 virgins: Germany.

The videos below (here, here, here, and here) document thousands upon thousands of Muslim men advancing across the country, pouring like lava over farmland and through villages, sometimes just a few feet from the front doors of homes on beautifully maintained properties, as once pastoral rolling hills are blackened with a broad, dense chain of Allah’s soldiers who will soon plunder Europe.

(thermo vision)

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs