University of Iowa too white?

So desperate to achieve a fashionable mix of minorities are the bureaucrats running the University of Iowa that they are reaching out of state, to Chicago, in order to recruit minorities, who apparently are in short supply in Iowa, and offering them incentives to bestow their non-whiteness on campus.

The campus newspaper, the Daily Iowan, proudly chronicles the efforts to make the campus races a more acceptable mix, according to the fashion of the day.

In the current first-year class, Illinois residents along account for 30 percent of the class. Iowa residents account for 47 percent of the class.

Through the Admissions Office, outreach agents acting as representatives of the UI travel throughout the country visiting high schools. Not only are school systems targeted, community organizations are as well. Among those targets is the Chicago public-school system.

Wow!  Iowa taxpayers are financing the education a lot of people from out of state, and in fact account for fewer than half of the students at their own flagship campus.  If Chicago Public Schools were renowned for excellence, maybe there would be some benefit from recruiting there beyond racial bean-counting.  But these days, the CPS are a mess

It turns out that the administrators apparently think white people are “boring”:

“A lot of people have this misconception that Iowa City is a boring place. When doing outreach among minority students we don’t lie to them,” said Brent Gage, the UI associate vice president for enrollment management. “The University of Iowa is a predominantly white institution, but we are offer a huge array of resources that cater directly toward minorities and diversity students.”

Well, the University of Iowa is getting less “boring”:

The university broke records with the incoming class of 2019, which is comprised of 21 percent minority students, not including international students.

The taxpayers who fund the university are, by contrast, 92.1% white.  They must be wondering why they are forced to pay taxes and disproportionately exclude their own children from the state’s flagship campus.

Hat tip: David Paulin

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