Top Dem propagandist calls it 'almost treasonous' to point out Putin 'kicking around' Obama

The spectacle of America’s catastrophic default in the Middle East has rattled the top levels of the progressive movement.  So desperate are they to obscure the damage (beyond changing the subject to gun control – and racism at the next opportunity) that a leading propagandist has just deployed the T-word – treason – to try to shut up critics who portray the president’s weakness before Putin.

You may not have heard of Brad Woodhouse, but he is a big-deal propagandist on the progressive left, having moved from being the communications director of the Democratic National Committee to president of two major super-PACsAmerican Bridge, which he heads, was founded by David Brock to attack Republicans, aka “opposition research.”  Americans United for Change was founded in 2005 to fight Bush’s Social Security reforms (successfully) and has gone on to advocate far-left progressive policies, with a rather mixed record for truthfulness, according to Politifact.

Here is a video clip of Woodhouse calling National Review editor Rich Lowry “almost treasonous” for his criticism of Obama’s Middle East disaster:

Hat tip: The Right Scoop