Tiny children prepared to wage war against Jews

Millions of Muslims around the world raise their children to hate Jews.  It appears to be a single-minded obsession.  A goal that rises above all others.  And the brainwashing is so relentless and so sick that it boggles a normal human mind.

These children are used like tools to fuel hatred and violence against Jews.  Their tiny minds are warped from birth and marinated in a stew of hate that seems to inform just about everything they do.  And this ensures that by the time they grow up (and in the Islamic world, children grow up fast), they are poised to commit murder.

How can this be?

For one thing, Jews are not one of the special groups people love to champion and embrace.  (And when I say “people,” that includes a ridiculous number of Jews.)

So for example, if ___ (fill in the blank with any demographic group other than Muslims) screamed for the annihilation of ___ (fill in the blank with any group other than Christians or Jews), the world would erupt with rage and indignation.

Not so when Muslims target Jews (or Christians, for that matter).

The world looks away and/or finds an excuse for the murderous savagery and blames Jews for the fate that befalls them.  They are, after all, Jews.

But I digress.  Though just slightly.  Because the brainwashing of Muslim children to hate Jews is known by enough people with access to the bullhorn to deserve a strong response.  (Here is a clip of Hillary Clinton addressing this issue six years ago.  I doubt she would utter these words now.)  And yet there is nary a word said.  If it were a different combination of demographic groups (as per the thought experiment noted above), perhaps this vile abuse and indoctrination would not be met with such silence.

But the target is, after all, Jews.


And so I’d like to share some videos that offer a small sampling of what goes on in the Islamic world every hour of every day with respect to the brainwashing of Muslim children.

In this video, we see a little Jordanian girl who looks to be about 3 years old.  She is holding a large knife and says, “I want to stab a Jew.”

Her father praises her and says, “Allah willing, my dear.”  (An image from the same person’s Facebook account shows a little boy, around 2 years old, also holding a large knife.)

In these three videos from “Palestinian”-Arab television, we see various programs targeting young Muslim children.  They often feature life-sized animal figures (people wearing friendly-looking cartoonish animal costumes) talking with little children about killing Jews.  Also featured are Muslim children reciting poems about Jew-hatred.

This program features a talk show setting of three young Muslim children (the moderator appears to be around 9 years old, and one of the guests appears to be around 4 years old).  A large stuffed animal sits in the middle of the room.  The 4 year old screams Jew-hatred.  His monologue has obviously been scripted by adults and memorized.  He has also been taught all manner of non-verbal communication to add emphases, including vocal inflection and hand gestures.

This video is a compilation of Jew-hating media aimed at young Muslim children.  It includes a child (around 4 years old) ranting about killing Jews as he longs to become a martyr for Allah.  Also included are cartoons and puppet shows teaching children to hate, to kill Jews, and to rise up against “Zionists.”  Imagery and text are, as always, saturated with lies.

Here is a short clip of children on Egyptian television preaching Jew-hatred and ranting about killing Jews.

This video shows a young Muslim woman interviewing two little Muslim boys.  One boy recites a poem his mother taught him about liberating “Palestine.”  The other boy is asked what he wants to be when he grows up.  When he says “an engineer,” the moderator’s face goes blank in apparent disapproval.  When she asks him why he wants to be an engineer, he appears uncomfortable, as if he knows there’s an answer she’s searching for and he needs to find it fast.  And then he finds the hate and says he wants to be an engineer so he can blow up Jews.  A third, slightly older boy is then brought into the session and urges the younger boys to free Palestine from the occupiers.

In this video, a group of Turkish Muslim teenagers are sitting around talking about how much they hate Jews, their admiration for Hitler, and their brainwashed mantra that Jews take over every country where they live.  (Never mind that half of this tiny tribe lives in a country the size of New Jersey, and the Islamic world covers more and more of the globe with each passing day.)

This article is about a television program that features a young Muslim girl having a conversation with a person inside a rabbit costume.  They talk about killing Jews.

And that’s a short sampling, none of which addresses imams around the world urging fellow Muslims to kill Jews.  Or the mountain of vile material that is disseminated over social media that shows explicit ways to murder Jews.  All of which children are also exposed to as the cycle of hate continues without relent.

And today’s children are tomorrow’s imams.

And terrorists.

Hat tip: MEMRI

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