This is not what year 7 was supposed to look like

President Obama's 60 minutes interview confirmed two things:  

1)  Many in the media are starting to ask hard questions.  It's not enough anymore for President Obama to do the "hope and change" dance.  He owns the foreign policy, and there are questions from Putin to Iraq.

2) Our foreign policy is a mess, as Peter Berkowitz wrote

By any reasonable measure, the Obama administration’s Middle East foreign policy is in disarray. Despite President Obama’s determination to rebuild America’s relationship with the Muslim world -- dramatically manifested in his June 2009 Cairo speech -- his administration’s empty promises, gross miscalculations, and sudden reversals suggest that he and his team have substituted their wishes about how the Muslim Middle East ought to be for the realities of how the Muslim Middle East really is.

While the president steadfastly refuses to mention jihadism, wars fueled by Islamic extremism rage throughout the region.

Time and again, Obama administration policies have made matters worse.

Worst of all, President Obama did not look confident.  He was defensive and unwilling to accept any responsibility.   

Once again, he brought up the one about the "community of nations," a community that exists only in President Obama's mind.  What troops is this community providing?

Like always, he brought up the straw man of an unnamed GOP leader who wants to send thousands of troops to the Middle East.   

Many of us would love to see the Obama years end soon.  I have a funny feeling that a lot of Democrats feel the same way.

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