'They will never drive us out. For we have nowhere else to go.'

Anne in Petah Tikva is an Israeli likely none of us know or have ever heard of. But she has a story to tell about life in Israel these days. And her ultimate message is one that should resonate with every American.

Writing for Legal Insurrection, Anne reports that she, like many Israelis, is feeling “furious, angry, frightened and frustrated.” She railed against the government, the Arabs in the Knesset, and about the refusal to recognize that this is a war with Islam. She also talked about the struggle to balance one’s fears with the need to go about living a normal life, as she recalls life during the second Intifada.

She also wrote of shock and disgust at the ceaseless brainwashing of generation after generation of “Palestinians” to hate Jews.

I find it profoundly depressing, almost nauseating, to realize that with the indoctrination by the Palestinian education system. Their accommodating media pushes yet another generation of Palestinian children into vicious and unreasonable Jew-hatred, there is not a chance in hell of us ever reaching any kind of workable way for the two nations to live in an armed truce if not peace in our little country.

It is terrifying to understand that the Palestinian masses can be “switched on” into an almost zombie-like mass hysteria by a few words – false words, vicious words, words that can, and do, light a conflagration; those words being “the Jews are attacking the Al-Aqsa Mosque!”

It is even worse to bear when we all know that those words are utterly false.

Anne is also disgusted by media coverage – coverage that, as we know full well, is riddled with lies.

We are spitting mad at the international media who distort, lie, slander and generally lie about Israel, and in particular about our efforts at self-defence. [sic]

No matter what we do or how we go about it, you can be sure that the BBC, CNN, the NYT et al will distort the news into “all the news that we see fit to print, and if it’s not to our liking, we’ll edit it or invent it accordingly”.

But despite all of that. Despite the rage, the frustration, and the fear, Anne states what we must never forget:

For that is the one thing that the Arab world has not internalized about us – they will never drive us out, no matter how much terror they pour on us, no matter how much delegitimization they activate against us in the international sphere, no matter what weapons they launch at us.

For we have nowhere else to go.

And neither do we.

America is the last best hope on earth just as Israel is the last stop for Jews. Israelis and Americans, alike, must appreciate this fragile reality and protect it with everything we’ve got.