The 'Queen of de Nial' is barely keeping afloat

The original Queen of the Nile was Cleopatra.  Barely twenty, she became ruler of the eastern Mediterranean lands.  Leading a life blending sex, power, and politics, and ending with the bite of an asp, according to legend, hers is an enduring legend.

Mozart provided a memorable "Queen of the Night" who raged to the tune of his divine music. 

At the present, we have the spectacle of a thoroughly frazzled queen who has made an art form of denialism: denial of the human tragedy of Benghazi, denial of her responsibility in preventing and thwarting the embassy attack, denial of responsibility for the safekeeping of state documents, denial of personal wealth, denials of official email misconduct, denial of constitutional Second Amendment rights, denial of the Keystone XL pipeline, denial of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and denial of a ban of partial-birth abortions.

Hillary Clinton is the new river queen – the "Queen of De Nial" – but this aging war horse is barely keeping afloat.  Another asp is biding his time before striking.