The minority of Muslim invaders: women and children

Much has been written on conservative news sites about the large percentage of young males invading Europe. There is a great deal to be concerned about regarding this demographic. But the women and children should not be ignored, as they bring their own kind of threat. Because while Muslim men are far more likely to be physically aggressive, Muslim women are not without responsibility for the myriad ways hate against us is nurtured and expressed – hate that is codified in the Quran.

And while Muslim males are more likely to inflict physical harm, it would be dangerous to underestimate the potential of Muslim women to do the same, because increasing numbers of them do, as was the case with this Muslim teenage girl whose greatest desire was to be a martyr for Allah. And so she set out to achieve her dream. And stabbed an Israeli man in the back.

Jew hatred is endemic and crops up just about everywhere in the Muslim world. This video documenting life for women in a Jordanian refugee camp ends with the words of a veiled Syrian woman (who, by the way, sells women into sham marriages that amount to nothing more than legalized rape): “I hope we don’t have the same destiny as the Palestinians who fled their country and never got it back again.”

Ah, yes. The poor “Palestinians” and those evil Jews who stole their land (the latter part is inferred).

Like the woman in this interview, it appears the majority of Muslim woman in refugee camps are wearing traditional garb that covers just about every inch of their body in the blistering desert sun. This suggests they are anything but secular. (And even secular people in Islamic countries marinate in a culture of hate.)

In fact, Muslim women in Syria were on the forefront in pushing for an “Islamic revival” as reported in 2006 by the NY Times: “[16-year-old] Enas al-Kaldi stops in the hallway of her Islamic school for girls and coaxes her 6-year-old schoolmate through a short recitation from the Koran…. ‘It’s true that they don’t understand what they are memorizing at this age, but we believe that the understanding comes when the Koran becomes part of you’….

“When the Koran becomes a part of you.”

And therein lies the rub.

Here’s what happens when “the Koran becomes a part of you.” You wind up with a little tot giving a Hitler salute on a German train (how apt).

[The screen shot was taken from this video, as reported at Atlas Shrugs.]

Perhaps the greatest threat of Muslim women is that they bear Muslim children who become the next generation to spread death, darkness, and destruction across the globe.

Many Muslim children are raised to hate non-believers, with a special hatred for Jews. Anti-Semitism is a constant theme in the Quran. And Muslim families waste no time in getting their children on board with a hatred as vicious as that of Nazis, except unlike Nazism, this has been going on for 1400 years. (See here, here, here, here, and here for videos of Muslim children preaching Jew hatred, interviews with young Muslims of various ages talking about their hatred for Jews, and programs geared for young Muslims that teach them to be martyrs and to kill Jews, including anti-Semitic cartoons.)

Now, backing up for a moment, consider that after these aggressive Muslim male invaders are settled in their new home in the West, the next step is to bring their family. Enter: women and children. In this way, the already huge numbers of invaders expands exponentially, especially since Muslims tend to have large families. So each male invader becomes a family of 7, 8, or 9. As Daniel Greenfield writes (emphasis is mine): “…the number of migrants invading Europe this year might reach 1.5 million. And that bad news gets much worse because…each migrant will bring in as many as eight family members once they’re settled in….

So here’s the simple math: Every male invader coming to Europe or the United States = nearly 10 Muslims.

That makes an outrageous, unacceptable, dangerous situation an imminent threat to our culture, to our very survival.