The Gray Lady's Drum Beats On

Reminiscent of lettercarriers who won't be stayed from completing their apppointed rounds in any weather, so, too, no related turmoil seems to stay the New York Times in its continuous efforts to drum up sympathy and empathy for those poor Palestinians whose lives are made so miserable by the wicked, no-good, horrible Israelis -- even to the point of humiliating checkpoints and barriers necessitated by their own behavior.

And so we find in Sunday's edition an article titled "In East Jerusalem Palestinians are Seething after Years of Neglect", no less than 82 column inches, beginning in an outside column on page 1, a piece of Palestinian pity-party propaganda in which an assortment of Palestinians are given leave to voice their complaints about and condemnation of their Israeli "oppressors." Nary a word of context or opposing views is included.

As for the vast wave of terrorism being unleashed daily by Palestinians attempting to stone, stab, or otherwise commit mayhem on Israeli police, IDF members, and ordinary civilians, this deserves, in the Times' worldview, just 11 inches of an inside column on page 13. ("Anger Spreads with 5 Attacks on Israelis")

To the Times it appears that terrorizing Israelis is almost eight times less important than Palestinian weeping,wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

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