'Stuff happens'...like Bush possibly at 0% in the polls

In a poll with a margin of error of about 5%, Jeb Bush is polling at 4%.  That means, statistically speaking, that it is possible that Jeb Bush is at zero percent in the polls.  The last time I wrote this about a candidate, he ended up out of the race shortly thereafter.  I hope the same does not happen to Jeb, because then the amnesty crowd will be forced to pin their hopes on Marco Rubio, who has the same sweaty nervousness giving speeches as a first-time bank robber handing a furtive note to a bank teller.

But even Politico, the website of liberal Democrats and their Republican friends, is starting to turn on Jeb, featuring an article telling of his most recent flubs.

Speaking about the massacre in Roseburg, Oregon, Jeb says, "Stuff happens."  Some conservative websites say that quote was taken out of context, but it wasn't.  Listen to it yourself.  He is clearly responding to the shooting, and chose his words very badly.

The word "stuff" is a word used by ignorant people.  It is a vague word that means nothing.  Less intelligent people use the word "stuff" either when they don't know the appropriate word or if their minds are too "low-energy" to form specific, coherent thoughts.  I think that is the case with Jeb Bush, who also, talking about the seduction of black voters, mentioned the government giving them free "stuff."  When Bush says "stuff," he sounds like a low-IQ person.

Bush's shorthand talk makes his arguments much less persuasive.  He could have said, "In a society where most people have the right to bear arms, there will always be a few who abuse the privilege.  But the response to these kinds of incidents should not be to disarm law-abiding citizens and put them at the mercy of criminals."  Instead, he said, "Look, stuff happens, and the impulse is always to do something, and it's not necessarily the right thing to do."  Does that mean anything to anyone?

With regard to the comment about getting the black vote, what he said was basically correct, but he expressed it in a terrible way.  Instead of describing Democrats as cynical for telling blacks that government is the answer to all their problems, he unintentionally portrayed blacks as selfish automatons who can be bribed with "free stuff."  Bush could have made a compelling case that decades of government programs have not improved the lot of black people at all, and that free-market alternatives could work much better, but instead we got a shrink-wrapped sound bite about black people wanting "free stuff."

Bush speaks in the same shorthand that Mitt Romney and John McCain do/did, and I think if he were nominated, even Hillary could beat him.  Fortunately, that does not look like it is going to happen.  His super-PAC is going to spend $25 million on him this month.  If his numbers do not lift after that and the debate at the end of the month, there is a real possibility that Jeb could drop out.  Remember that he himself does not have $100 million; his PACs do.  And if they are convinced he will be a loser, they will rush to support Rubio or someone else who will deliver amnesty (and other stuff) to them.

By the way, Donald Trump has the uncomfortable tendency to speak in shorthand, too.  He criticized Marco Rubio by saying, "Gang of 8!  He's Gang of 8!," and 95% of the population has no idea that he is referring to Rubio's role in a group of senators who promoted amnesty.  I saw Trump interviewed a few days ago on another matter, and he tried to remark on how bad it is that New York City mayor de Blasio had stopped police surveillance of mosques, but the way it came out was something like, "And the New York City police are not doing...they're not doing the things they used to, to watch out for terrorism."  I knew what he was talking about, but I am pretty sure most people wouldn't.

But at least Trump speaks with more emotion than Jeb, and at times he can make important points.  At the rate Jeb is going, his stuff will never be our stuff.

This article, and other stuff, was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.