SF Bay area sex change doctors in very high demand

If you think the demand for real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area is hot, you should see the demand for sex change surgeons.  There are a lot of men in the Bay Area who are just dying to go under the knife so they can be used like a woman.  A new doctor setting up shop in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, is already booked seven months in advance.

For Dr. Thomas Satterwhite of Mill Valley, a black gay man, being a plastic surgeon who specializes in gender reassignment surgery feels like the most natural thing in the world.

“It’s very natural and easy for me,” Satterwhite said.

Satterwhite recently joined the staff of Marin General Hospital and performed his first vaginoplasty at Marin General in September.... A vaginoplasty involves the building of a vaginal canal for patients who are transitioning from male to female....

Satterwhite expects to conduct 15 vaginoplasties at Marin General this year and eventually as many as four per week to meet demand. He is booked seven months in advance for such procedures.

A "vaginoplasty" is where the skin of the penis is used to create an artificial vagina. 

Satterwhite specializes in male-to-female transitions and facial feminizing surgery, which can include shaving of the Adam’s apple, contouring the mandible, rhinoplasty, advancing the hairline and contouring the forehead.

The one aspect of sex reassignment surgery that he doesn’t perform is a phalloplasty, which is the construction of a penis for patients transitioning from female to male. 

I guess you could say he specializes in penis extractions, not implants.  But Satterwhite's partner specializes in mutilating women:

... at Satterwhite’s office was Lex Beatty, a 32-year-old trans man who lives in Santa Cruz. Satterwhite’s medical partner, Dr. Curtis Crane, performed a double mastectomy on Beatty in June 2014 and Beatty is seeing Satterwhite for a follow-up operation to remove residual breast fat and skin. Beatty began taking hormones in 2013 and underwent a hysterectomy in July 2015.

Beatty said he came out as a lesbian when he was 16 and has been estranged from his father ever since, although his mother has been supportive since he came out as transgender three years ago.

So the woman who calls herself a man called herself a lesbian, but since she is a man, does she now think she is heterosexual, even though she is unable to complete the act?  It's very confusing; he/she needs to come with subtitles.

And of course, they're getting kids involved in the act:

The parents of some children experiencing gender dysphoria are approving the use of hormone blockers to prevent their children from developing the secondary sexual characteristics of their birth sex so that it will be easier to make the transition later, Satterwhite said.

Just remember: there's a seven-month waiting list to get your penis cut off.  In San Francisco, the line to the insane asylum stretches for blocks.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.

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