Report: Russian airstrikes hit 9 hospitals in Syria in the last month

No double standard, here.

Recently, the international community rose up in its righteous anger to condemn the United States for an attack on a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan run by Doctors Without Borders that killed 10 civilians and injured dozens. President Obama apologized (not accepted) and the US military paid compensatory damages to the victims families. Calls have been made for an "independent" investigation into why the facility was bombed.

Meanwhile, the world has been absolutely silent as Russia carried out missile and bombing attacks on 9 different hospitals in Syria, killing at least a dozen civilians and wounding many more.

Daily Caller:

Russian missiles struck a hospital in rebel-controlled Syria twice Tuesday in what the Syrian American Medical Society estimates is the ninth Russian strike on a hospital in recent weeks. Twelve were killed in the strike on the SAMS field hospital, including a hospital guard and a physiotherapist, and at least 28 civilians were injured, including a child less than five years old.

Russia began launching airstrikes in Syria in October to bolster President Bashar Assad’s regime. The strikes have primarily targeted rebel groups fighting Assad, including some CIA-backed forces, although the Kremlin claims Islamic State is a major focus.

SAMS operates dozens of medical facilities in rebel-controlled areas, and alleges Russian airstrikes have targeted a total of nine hospitals so far. Russian strikes on the only two hospitals in southern Aleppo over the weekend forced them to shut down and evacuate patients.

Staff on the ground are asking for an immediate supply of ambulances, tents, mattresses, blankets, food and baby milk in the wake of the attacks. SAMS reports thousands are left without medical care.

“When I am in the hospital, I feel like I am sitting on a bomb,” Dr. Tennari, the director of the hospital struck Tuesday, said in a SAMS report of the strike. “It is only a matter of time until it explodes.”

Tennari said that hospital has been struck 18 times since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, first by Assad’s forces and now by Russian forces. “The hardest part is knowing that these attacks will happen again,” Tennari added.

Russia’s Defense Ministry declined to comment on the allegations, reported The Wall Street Journal.

No hysterical condemnations. No calls for a witchhunt. No strutting, posturing international human rights activists referring to "war crimes" committed by Russia.. The reason is simple; the US won't fight back and in the end, will probably accept the condemnation as justified.

Also, the international human rights community knows that Vladimir Putin will laugh in their faces if they accuse Russia of war crimes. So, knowing full well how easy it is to bully the US, they play the "Blame the USA" card.

I suppose it's too much to expect equal treatment for the United States. In truth, both sides should be taken to task, although there is probably a lot more evidence that the Russians deliberately targeted the hospitals while there may have been a misunderstanding by the US military about the Kunduz facility being a Taliban base.But ignoring Russian war crimes does not bring credibility to the international SJW's who look to target the US. 


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