Prime Minister Netanyahu adopts a rescue dog, and the left goes ballistic

Prime Minister Netanyahu adopted a 10-year-old rescue dog this summer.  Apparently his son urged him to do so after hearing that the dog was about to be put down.

The left, being the left, could not allow this to go without comment.  I mean, it is outrageous when you think about it!  Adopting an elderly dog from a rescue organization.  Who does Prime Minister Netanyahu think he is?

And so the left weighed in as only they can – with a level of hate and certifiable madness that truly boggles the mind.  Israel National News reports:

Igal Sarna, a leading writer in Yediot Aharonot, is known for his extremely harsh anti-Netanyahu invective…. (snip)

In the post, Sarna features a photo of Netanyahu and his dog, Kaiya, shortly after the prime minister posted the photo to his Facebook page.

“How much light Kaiya has brought into our home! If you are thinking of getting a canine, find an adult dog to rescue. You won't regret it,” wrote Netanyahu.

"God, I mean, you are the son of a historian,” barked Sarna. “Did you not see, at home, when a dictator posed with a German Shepherd dog? No photographic memory?....

Here is the photograph of Prime Minster Netanyahu with his beautiful dog:

And for this, he was compared to Hitler.

Here is another lovely photograph of Netanyahu’s wife and two sons taken with Kaiya shortly after adopting her:

The left is in a perpetual state of evil insanity.  Their ultimate aim appears to bring darkness, death, and destruction where there is life, liberty, and love.

God bless Israel.  God bless Prime Minister Netanyahu.  And God bless his entire family, including the newest addition, who was saved in the eleventh hour from being put down at the pound.

(Compare this to our president, who bought two dogs from breeders [not including the ones he ate].  And compare to Muslims, who hate dogs.)

Hat tips: Front Page Magazine, Algemeiner, Gatestone Institute

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