Politico: Trump supporters are the dumbest of the dumb

They must be having trouble meeting their Trump quota at Politico, because they just wrote a lame piece about the grammatical skills of Trump supporters:

Grammarly, a writing-enhancement website, looked at comments by the hopefuls' supporters on the candidates' official Facebook pages to find out who was making the most mistakes and who was making the fewest.

The clear loser? Donald Trump.

His supporters registered a whopping average of 12.6 mistakes per 100 words, putting the Republican front-runner dead last among the 19 campaigns.

This is Politico's snide way of saying that Trump supporters are dumb.  I have my own problems with some Trump supporters, who rely more on blind faith in the absence of detailed positions on the issues (such as how many "good illegals" there are of the total 20-plus million who will be invited to return), but in my mind, Trump supporters are much, much smarter than Democrats.  After all, most Trump supporters:

1) realize the dangers of inviting tens of thousands of Muslims into the country from the Middle East

2) understand the importance of border security

3) think that men do not belong in women's bathrooms, even if they wear dresses

4) don't trust the Iranians to inspect themselves for nuclear weapons

5) don't think the sale of aborted baby parts is "womens' health"

Compared to Democrats, I think most Trump supporters are rocket scientists.

Of course, the Politico article claimed that Hillary supporters made fewer grammatical errors.  But that doesn't take into account the fact that Hillary supporters know far fewer words and most of the time are simply unthinkingly repeating, often word for word, what they are told.  That may make them good stenographers or tropical parrots, but not particularly good grammarticians.

Apparently the candidate with the best grammar was Lincoln Chafee.  Do you see what can be accomplished if you give up cocaine?  This former drug addict turned Republican turned Democrat has the most supporters who use the best grammar.  Of course, since his absolute number of supporters is very small, if, say, three of them use good grammar, that will radically skew the sample.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.