Obama outdoes his 'bunch of folks in a deli' comment

How is it that the media rushes to write headlines about black teenagers shot by white police officers (ever-assuming the incident is racially motivated), yet when it comes to jihadists murdering Jews (when incidents are motivated by religious hatred toward them), headlines are ambiguous. At best.

I’m waiting for someone to write “Unarmed Jew Stabbed by Muslim with Knife Dipped in Poison.” (Yes, Muslims are being urged to dip their knives in poison so if the knifing doesn’t kill the Jew, the poison will.)

The media has a habit of painting the violence that unfolds in Israel as something both sides initiate, as if the “clashes” that erupt are the result of a mutual propensity for aggression. As we well know, if Israel defends herself, she is slammed for having the nerve to want to live, instead of die.

Heaven forbid members of the media speak the truth about jihad and centuries-old Jew hatred.

As for the political class, we fare no better.

John Kerry sent a tweet  last week that said: “John Kerry addresses the tragic, outrageous attacks on civilians in Israel and the West Bank.” Seconds later the tweet was deleted and replaced with a generic, non-committal, the-intention-is-made-clear-though-what-is-not-said message: “John Kerry addresses the recent attacks on civilians in Israel and the West Bank.”

“Tragic” and “outrageous” morphed into “recent attacks.” Kind of like that “bunch of folks” in a French deli.

And speaking of the one who uttered those words, he is at it again. In the face of Hamas urging Muslims to attack Jews in a Day of Rage – attacks that are escalating by the hour and going for days on end – Obama described the attacks as “random.”

Yes, he said “random.”

He spoke with a deadened, if not also slightly haughty, facial expression, as if to say that having to address this at all was meaningless, boring, and a bit of a burden. It’s as if it takes every ounce of his energy to even babble his babble. As if he wants to finally let loose. Completely. And just say what’s in his heart, which should be abundantly clear to anyone paying attention.

Instead he does less than the bare minimum of showing up and talks about “random” attacks against Israelis with the usual follow up call for both sides to tamp down the rhetoric and so on and so forth with lies and deception driven by what appears to be a long-standing dislike for Jews and identification with Islam and Muslims. To put it mildly.

The fact that the rhetoric he speaks of is one-sided as jihadists scream about killing Jews matters little. The fact that they send their message over all forms of media, using photographs, drawings, and video tapes to inspire Muslims to kill Jews, with tutorials on how to do so, matters little. The fact that they are setting out on the streets of Israel and attacking Jews in all manner of ways, matters little.

There is no outrage from the world. As usual, it is eerily silent. Worse than silent. The President of the United States of America and the cabal of fools that surround him, fuel the blood-thirsty Islamic drive to kill Jews.

Seven years in and I still have to throw cold water on my face to realize this is truly happening.

Hat tip: Counterjihad Report, Free Beacon, The Right Scoop, Front Page Magazine