NY State audit finds Obamacare exchange enrolled hundreds of dead people, paid out benefits

Never let it be said that Democrats don’t take care of their constituents.  Dead voters frequently supply the margin of victory to Democrats in key elections, so it makes sense that the signature achievement of the Democratic Party in the Obama era takes special care of the dead.

Matthew Hamilton of the Albany Times-Union reports:

An audit released Thursday by the state comptroller’s office shows that Medicaid payments went to claims for hundreds of dead enrollees in the New York State of Health system.

Of $3.4 million in overpayments found by auditors, $325,030 in claims associated with 230 deceased New Yorkers identified as active Medicaid recipients was paid out, according to the audit. In total, 354 deceased New Yorkers were found to be enrolled in the system, with 21 of those people officially enrolled after they had died.

“With few exceptions, these overpayments were for managed care premiums,” the audit states. “The overpayments occurred because the Department did not conduct sufficient periodic verifications of enrollees’ life status to remove deceased individuals from active Medicaid enrollment.”

Lest you think nothing is being done about this, rest assured that cover-up efforts are in force.  The state comptroller says:

“Throughout the audit the Department limited the type and amount of data it provided to auditors. For example, the Department limited the number of case samples for which it would provide auditors information. Early in the audit, OSC selected a small sample of cases and requested the Department to provide data from the NYSOH system with auditors observing (through “over-the-shoulder” review) the data extractions. Instead, Department officials provided limited screen shots of various stages in NYSOH processing for most of the samples. Reviews of the screen shots did not adequately facilitate audit testing of processes and transactions, and extended the time necessary to conduct the audit. Therefore, OSC declined to observe the Department’s capture of screen shots for the remaining sampled cases.”

In another example, the audit states that department officials did not disclose to auditors until late in their work that the documentation provided depicted “desired functionality as opposed to actual functionality implemented in the system.”

Dead voters can look forward to even more services being supplied to them wherever Democrats control government.

Hat tip: iOTWReport

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