Muslims in the hospital, Muslims on the train, as Europe hands over the keys to the kingdom

Here are two snapshots of what life can be like when Muslims behaving badly come to your town. In medical settings:  A female doctor in Germany describes a horrifying scene of Muslim invaders overwhelming the health care system – making demands, threats, and attacking staff. The masses that are descending upon Europe are also arriving with an array of communicable diseases, including diseases the West has never seen before. The sub-titled video of the doctor’s report can be found here.   The Right Scoop has very kindly written a transcript, which is summarized below. Clinics and hospitals are unable to handle the massive influx of migrants with their myriad diseases and demands. Many of the migrants have HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis, and exotic diseases not seen in Europe, while many of the women are pregnant with several malnourished children in tow. Many male Muslims refuse treatment by female staff. At the same time, female staff refuse...(Read Full Post)