Muslim 'refugees' sue Germany for not paying benefits fast enough

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Pay up, dhimmis!  NOW!  That’s the attitude evident (via the U.K. Daily Express):

Around 20 Syrian migrants have filed a case against the Berlin state Government demanding immediate access to shelter and benefits after waiting for more than a week to be registered by the authorities. 

It comes as serious splits emerged in Angela Merkel's Government over how to divide economic migrants from genuine refugees fleeing war-torn countries. 

Hundreds of asylum seekers are still waiting to be registered due to huge backlogs at the city's main refugee centre.

Bureaucracy is one of the prides of Germany.  It was Prussian General Staff that turned Deutschland from fragmented post-feudal entities into a modern world power, after all.  But bureaucracies march at their own pace:

Huge crowds gather outside every day and many claim they have been waiting for weeks. 

Until their papers are processed by the State Office for Health and Social Affairs, the refugees have no access to Government refugee shelters or benefits. 

How do you say "chutzpah" in Arabic?

Hat tip: Rick Moran

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