Muslim migrants dump garbage (free stuff) from the balconies of their free apartments in Germany

Danke schoen, Deutschland! The Muslim invaders are showing their gratitude for the help Germany is providing them by trashing (literally) the free housing they are receiving.  Via Gateway Pundit, we find this video of the resulting mess from LiveLeak:

The Germans are among the tidiest people on the planet.  I know someone who studied at the University of Heidelberg and regaled me with stories of how her landlady would scrub the apartment before the putzfrau (cleaning lady) would come for weekly visits, wary of being shamed for having an unclean place.

Of course, Muslims are taught that kufrs (infidels) owe them tribute because of the sheer wonderfulness of their faith, so a certain lack of gratitude is built into their religion.

I wonder how much longer Chancellor Merkel will persist in her efforts to bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslims to replace the Germans not being born?

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